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HHGregg Consumer Complaint Complaint - No sign of smarter associates
HHGregg Consumer Complaint Complaint

HHGregg Consumer Complaint Complaint


No sign of smarter associates

We shopped out three of the new Chicago area locations. The first was in Schaumburg, then Crystal Lake, and finally, Vernon Hills.

We asked each associate the same three questions. 1. Why is there a discrepancy in price between DSLRs with similar megapixels? 2. What does that 1.6x factor mean with Canon lenses? 3. What is RAW? (We read from the model features on the hhgregg site, to supplement the questions.)

We were not seeking highly technical answers, just ones that showed that the associates understood camera basics.

None of the three associates could answer our questions. The first associate, stated that larger prints needed more megapixels, and he did mention "sensor", but it was as if he was merely repeating something he had heard, because he could not explain what a sensor was.

That is the closest that somebody came to a correct answer, other than the first two associates knew that RAW had something to do with editing, but they were not sure of exactly what.

The first two associates also stated that 1.6x on the lenses was the f stop.

Canon DSLRs, through the 7D, do not have full size sensors, in comparison to 35mm film. So, as an example, if a given lens is 50mm, you multiply it by 1.6 x and thus it is equivalent to an 80mm lens on a film camera. There is more technical speak to it than that, but that is all were looking for.

The second individual said that DSLR stood for SLRs with detachable lenses, and SLRs stood for ones without detachable lenses. We mentioned that the "D" in DSLR stood for "Digital" as in Digital Single Lens Reflex, but he said that the had been told otherwise.

The third salesman, had no knowledge of cameras what so ever, and stated so...he said that the camera experts were "not in this evening."

We are not suggesting not to shop at hhgregg, and we are sure that there are some salesmen in some of there stores who know the products. However, we would not recommend relying upon them for all of your information. For one thing, the first salesman steered us toward Nikon, even though we showed an interest in Canon Rebels. He said that Nikon had more automatic features, and that Canon was more manual. That is not true.

Use consumer publications as only one source though too. The quality of any home electronics item, does not fluctuate from year to year, as indicated by consumer publications. In other words, the same brands should be rated about the same every year.

You can buy a thousand dollar camera, and it might malfunction sooner than a two hundred dollar point and shoot. No models are malfunction proof. Major brands are reliable.

Contrary to other opinions, extended warranties are not always a bad deal, as long as it is the store selling it, that administers it. We do not recommend second party warranties.

The differences between many brands are simply the features, and not one of quality. Nikon and Canon for example, are the DSLR choice of almost every photo journalist, sports photographer, etc. You can not go wrong with either. That being said, they both have total auto modes, as well as total manual modes.)

Explore a variety of message boards used by other regular folk...albeit some people are very cocky and prejudice when it comes to their own gear. We have made all of our purchases of home electronics, online, since 2000. We have never had a problem, even exchanging or returning items. You can even shop hhgregg online too.

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